Catalog, Customer & Order Management

Categories, brands, products, customers, orders & review management

  • Easily management of categories, sub-categories, brands and products
  • Smart search, auto-complete and filtration
  • Wishlist and stock availability
  • Products Expiry and Shortfalls alerts
  • Manage Customer accounts, orders and reviews
  • Order cancellation, products return, invoicing and billing
  • Social login and orders history

Inventory, Discount & Points, Notifications & Alerts

Dashboard, inventory reports, discount and points management

  • Multiple warehouses, delivery management and tracking order
  • Product packages and scrapped items
  • Reports for products quantity
  • Multiple alerts and notifications options
  • Warehouses products transfer
  • Quantity, expiration, importing and exporting reports
  • Customizable discount and points options

Purchasing & Accounting

Sell everywhere, fulfill anywhere

  • Vendors and payments management and quotation request
  • Purchasing orders, agreements and bills
  • Treasure, bank and cheques management
  • Income list, revenue, profit tracking and expenses management

Point Of Sales, Shipping & Payments

Deliver a shopping experience your customers will appreciate every time they engage by bridging the gap between your digital and physical worlds, from sites and stores to warehouses.

  • Barcode, transations, point of sales reports, returns and refunds
  • In or out cash, recent sales, stocks, working hours
  • Manage delivery persons, shipments and warehouses
  • Cash on delivery, visa, mastercard, paypal and many other payment options

Search Engine Optimization & Settings

Dynamic titles, specific titles & meta information

  • Manage all dynamic title tag structure throughout the website
  • Configure dynamic title and meta tags
  • Treasure, bank and cheques management
  • Income list, revenue, profit tracking and expenses management

Reporting & Human Resources

Make smarter decisions with better data

  • Interactive administrative dashboard with charts and statistics
  • Inventory and products reports as low inventory, total products and categories in store, customers count, lifetime orders and revenue
  • Reports within certain date range like sales and top selling product, low inventory and new customers, store sales by amount, orders volume, returning, top brands and discounts used
  • Other reports like sales, returns, tax, top selling, sold products, low stock, expiry dates, sellings, views, gross profit
  • Employees management including attendance, payroll, salaries structure, leaves and expenses