We bring home to your home

Our home automation system is perfect for anyone who believes that smart means easier smart means simpler smart means optimum. We have developed the technology that allows the user to control his home appliances using his smart phone through a portable, small sized, wi-fi based gadget simple to use and to install. Our solution gives the most functional results. Exploiting minimum amount of resources and consequently minimizing the cost so that everyone can enjoy an easy and smart and optimum life.

Smart Home

Smart Home Devices

Smart Switch

You will be able to control the lighting by touch or by mobile phone from anywhere in the world and its shape is very attractive and available in colors (white-black). It is suitable for all the colors and we will install it in the place of the old switches, thus, you do not need to break anything and you'll preserve the style of your switch.

Smart Plug

You can control any electrical device in the apartment, such as a refrigerator or a lamp, and you can also set up the timer of the coffee machine to work at a certain time by itself, when you wake up from sleep for example.

Smart IR Remote

You will be able to control air conditioning, television, and any other device with your mobile phone, and you can control them wherever you are around the world. For example, you can set your home temperature before you arrive.

Smart Valve

This is the electronic safety valve that we install on the public valve, whether it is water or gas. So, if a leak occurs, the valve will be closed automatically.

Smart Motion Sensor

The device turns lights on automatically if there is any person in the room. And if there is no one in the room, the light turns off automatically. Also, it can also activate an alarm if it detects any movements, while there is no one in your home.

Smart Door and Window Magnetic Sensor

If you are outside of your home and the door or the window is opened, it will send you a message on the mobile and activate the alarm.

Water and Flooding Sensor

If a water leak occurs, the system sends a signal to the controller and closes the water valve. Also, it sends you a message and turns on the alarm.

Gas Sensor

If a gas leak occurs, the system sends a signal to the controller and closes the gas valve. Also, it sends you a message and turns on the alarm.

Roll Gate Control

You can open the main gate using your mobile before you enter your home.

Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa)

You can control all home appliances through voice commands easily, such as saying: “Turn on lights”.

Smart IP Camera

Full HD 1080p technology, You can control it and rotate it 360 degrees to see the clearest picture from anywhere in the world, and it can work without any cables.

Smart LED Light Strip

These are strips of controllable small color bulbs. Also, it gives you up to 16 million colors providing a very attractive look that also fits different decorations.

WiFi Smart Breaker

You can use it to controll the electricity of your home. Also, it can estimate power consumption in Watts and you can get the consumption of any day or month. Also, you can turn it off automatically, if loads consumption exceeds a certain value.

Smart Curtain

You can open and close the curtains using remote control or your mobile. Also, you can set it to open and stay at certain position.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor 

You can see reports of temperature and humidity, It sends a signal to the controller when the temperature increases to turn on the air conditioning automatically and you can enjoy with lots of useful scenarios.