Who We Are

Nori Solutions is a company concerned with enlightening the route of your business.

We help different business to grow smarter. Our services are diverse and customizable to be a perfect fit for your needs and the aspirations you have for the future of your business. No matter how big or small your business is, either you’re an educational institutions, an industrial organization or even a local firm we have the answer for your problems.

Nori Solutions is here to “Smartly” take care of your problems through designing and providing simple, customizable and innovative solutions for every long or short term problem.

Who we are

Our Projects

Smart Energy Meters

• Designing and manufacturing prepaid smart energy meters for the Electricity Company to be used in new complexes and cities with high accuracy.
• Measurement of active and passive power, power factor and maximum load.
• Knowing the consumption of any subscriber on the network at any time.
• Automated consumption bills for each subscriber.
• Discover cases of tampering and electricity theft.
• Energy measurement is supported by RS485 protocol with the ability to pay bills online via the Internet.

Minibar refrigerator control board
(Knock Knock)

When the user knocks on the glass installed in the door from the outside, the interior lamp lights up for a period of time and then turns off, which adds an aspect of luxury to the user and also extends the life of the refrigerator.

Traffic light control system

You can control the time of standing, waiting and passing through a control panel equipped with a screen and a keyboard to enter the number of seconds for each stage and it is being developed to be controlled via the Internet from the operating rooms.

Power station rooms protection from theft

The work of a control and monitoring system to protect transformer rooms and power stations from theft by identifying the identity of the person who wants to enter the station room through a card. Alarming and sending messages to the officials’ numbers to take the necessary procedures. Another way to enter is to give a direct order from the responsible supervisor by sending the system to allow the technicians to enter the station.

Infant incubators control board

• Control board with a touch LCD for medical use, controlling Incubators actuators with a closed loop system of control depending on very high accuracy medical use temperature sensors.
• Simple user interface hiding a complex system of control and alarms to be ease to use.